SEGIP (Slovene Equity Growth Investment Programme)

The ALFI PE SIS Fund was established with a payment of EUR 25 million, from otherwise EUR 100 million extensive Slovenian Capital Growth Investment Program – SEGIP, which was founded and co-financed by Slovenian Export and Development Bank (SID banka) and European Investment Fund (EIF), each investing EUR 50 million. Moreover, the fund mobilized additional funds from private investors in the amount of 1.8 times the SEGIP means of payment.

The purpose of SID Bank’s establishment of the SEGIP program is to support Slovenia’s innovative and fast-growing small, medium and mid-cap companies with up to 3,000 employees, as well as the activities of foreign companies in Slovenia. The key goals are to stimulate the growth, further development and expansion/entrance of Slovenian companies to foreign markets and the creation of new jobs in Slovenia through equity financing, as well as the long-term sustainable development of VC/PE investment funds on the capital market in the Republic of Slovenia.

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